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Carbide Cutting Tools - The Most Common Uses for Carbide

Carbide is a hard material used extensively as a cutting tool material and for other industrial applications. The ability of carbide tools to withstand higher temperatures at the cutter-workpiece interface is a significant factor in their faster machining.

As the name implies, the word carbide refers to a carbon compound combined with another element. The extra ingredient is usually tungsten, i.e., tungsten carbide or titanium when used for cutting tools.

In hardwood cutting, carbide is a steel used to make blades, bits, and other tools. The tungsten carbide material, which comprises half tungsten and half carbide, provides three times the stiffness of steel commonly used for wood cutting tools. Compared to standard woodworking tools, tools tipped with carbide offer distinct advantages.

            An Overview of the Most Commonly Used Carbide               Tools Solid Carbide

End Mill

This is an exceptionally high-performance carbide that cuts horizontally and laterally(across and downward). It comes in various flutes, lengths, diameters, and types determined by the material it will be cutting and the required surface finish.

End mills are the tool of the milling world used in many different operations such as slotting, profiling, contouring, counterboring, and reaming. This tool can carve precision parts for jewelry, machine parts, wood engravings, signs, plastics, and molds.

Solid Carbide Center Drill

Using carbide center drill bits makes it possible to center hard and soft materials on shafts by drilling holes into shaft surfaces to ensure they remain between centers.

Compared to standard drill bits, these bits have a longer and a better life. The drill bit cuts a round hole straight into the material. Additionally, it has spiral grooves (flutes) along their length, which give the drill bit a twisted appearance and allow them to cut away material it will be cutting as they move up and down the hole.

Solid Carbide Drill Mill

A Solid Carbide Drill Mill is a 5 in 1 multi-purpose designed tool used to mill, drill,
chamfer, spot, and countersink. The penetration rate and precision provide the best combination with tolerances that can reach the IT8 standard. Reconditioned solid carbide drills, on the other hand, are often more cost-effective.

A Solid Carbide Drill Mill can drill through a part and side mill, giving a resulting groove or shape. The versatility this drill provides in handling several applications makes it very popular in shop environments.

Solid Carbide Spade Drill

Drill bits manufactured from solid carbide are tough, wear-resistant, and heat resistant. Using these bits requires a rigid setup, such as a drill press, so the sharpness of these bits will remain even after re-sharpening.

The spade bit is used for shallow hole drilling (up to two times the diameter) and
spotting holes. Further, the drill bit in its design can drill holes in hardened metal.
Spade drill bits are used for framing, electrical, plumbing, and exemplary woodworking projects and drill holes with large diameters. Cutting holes through metal, CNC, and conventional lathes, milling machines, and machining centers, spade drills are the best carbides for this job.

Carbide Inserts or bits

Carbide inserts are standard for machining non-ferrous metals such as steel, carbon, cast iron, and other high-temperature alloys. There are various styles, sizes, and grades of carbide inserts available, and they are exchangeable and indexable. In turning, milling and drilling applications, this carbide bit cuts or crushes rocks.

When using carbide inserts, manufacturers aim for high speeds, resulting in faster machining and better finishes. Selecting the correct carbide insert is essential; otherwise, it can damage the piece of work, the machine, and the insert. 

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