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Extra Long Reach Mills

An industrial milling bit is a rotating cutting tool used to mill metal, also known as milling bits. In addition to plunging (axial milling), manufacturers use center-cutting end mills for radial milling. These end mills have an enhanced reach specifically designed to meet unique requirements.

With SCTools, a business can meet every industrial need with solid carbide end mills.

End mills with non-center cutting capabilities are only suitable for milling applications. A commonly used material for end mills is tungsten carbide, but other materials are also available, including HSS (high-speed steel) and Cobalt (high-speed steel containing Cobalt).

Applications of Extra Long Mills

Mills with an extra-long reach are common in the mold industry, where it is necessary to reach deep into a pocket to mill without damaging the sidewall. The mills have an extended flute and a smaller lip between the cutting edge and the shank.

Flutes are general-purpose designs with helical spirals of 30° or 40°, and an OD grind has a standard primary and secondary clearance angle. In addition to plunging and grooving, they are also ideal for side milling and profile cutting.

Extra-long reach carbide end mills are also available for coatings such as AlTiN or uncoated solid carbide. Diameters varying from different lengths and sizes are available, with overall measurements reaching up to 10 inches.

Types of Long Reach End Mills

Long Reach End Mills

This milling cutter is ideal for deep cavity and deep pocket milling. These end mills have a reduced neck diameter to eliminate heeling, a center-cutting geometry, and solid carbide construction.

Some Features of Long Reach End Mills

  • The design is long to fit deep cavities
  • Deep pocket milling with a long flute
  • The length of the cut is five times the diameter
  • Three flutes
  • Cutting through the center
  • Solid carbide

Extra Long Reach Carbide End Mills

This is a general-purpose end mill with the most extended flute, single-end, and sharp corners that create a 90° angle. In addition to the 30° helix angle, these mills have a primary and secondary clearance angle on the ODs and are center cut. One can utilize Plunging, grooving, side milling, face milling, and counterboring with these tools.

Long Reach Indexable End Mills

In shoulder milling operations, inexpensive square-shoulder end mills can cut laterally and axially in both directions (laterally and axially) to accomplish 90° angles. These mills (often referred to as 0°/90° mills) have flutes for collecting chips, and they have seats at the tips of the flutes for holding cutting inserts.

When the old cutting edge dulls, one can rotate it to expose a new cutting edge. These machines mount to milling machines and use replaceable multi-edged cutting inserts. Changes of inserts can be made without removing the machine's end mill, regardless of whether it is the same type or a different type.

Work in the fabrication and metalworking industries requires high speeds, high feeds, and complex material work. Therefore, many businesses and individuals in these trades use indexable milling tools as they need fewer tool changes.

Where To Find End Mills

SCTools is among the leading distributors of end mills. However, if you're looking for a local source, a  wide variety of our extra-long reach end mills can be found in supermarkets, hardware stores, and local companies that deal with cutting and milling tools.

Who Uses Long Reach End Mills? TechTalk SCTools

Who Uses Long Reach End Mills? Industrial businesses and companies that have to do with mining, creating molds, and dyeing will benefit from the mills mentioned here. The information included in this article will also prove helpful to businesses that require drilling, turning, threading and cooling tools, and milling machines.

If you have any questions about carbide cutting tools, end mills, drills, etc. be sure to reach out to us @ sctools.co/Home or call us at (877)737-0987. We help you machine better! 

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