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“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ― George Eliot

Since the inception of tinplate and sheet rolling mills, hot strip mills have undergone numerous phases of evolution. Small-diameter and eventually large-diameter steel coil products were produced by semi-continuous and continuous multi-stand mills that developed after that. Steels with low, medium, and high carbon contents, increased strength, low alloy, X grade pipe, silicon, and stainless steels, were rolled.

To ensure that the required portion of ferrite forms as quickly as possible, modern hot strip mills employ the capability for interrupted cooling at temperatures close to the ferrite nose.

Application for Mills

Hot Rolling Mills

Hot rolled steels, also referred to as hot working steels, are created when raw steel is compressed and heated above 926 °C, the temperature at which most metals are known to recrystallize.

The modern hot strip mill is outfitted with massive machinery, from the reheat furnaces to the coil processing equipment. Overall, SCTools can offer equipment and technical services for almost all of the components of the hot strip mill, benefiting both our ferrous and non-ferrous customers.

More than any other rolling mill producer, SCTools has successfully reconditioned, modernized, or replaced mill roller tables, centering guides, roughing mill stands, hot mill shears, finishing mill stands, coil processing equipment, and material handling equipment.

Adding roll bending for control over profile and shape and installing hydraulic roll force systems for automatic gauge control is typical upgrades for hot mill stands. By reducing mill downtime through quicker roll changes, customers want to see improvements in production.

For customers looking to upgrade their finishing stands' interstrand tension control from outdated, ineffective electro-mechanical systems, SCTools also provides high-response hydraulic loopers.

Hot mill shears for the ferrous and non-ferrous industries and hot strip down coilers for our ferrous customers have been the focus of SCTools' recent efforts.

Hot Mill Shears

Thin sheets, plates, beams, and bars are cut using steel mill shears. Shearing machines typically use a fixed lower blade and a moving upper blade to carry out the cutting action, depending on the application. Shearing machines can cut steel and other materials to any size or shape.

SCTools makes heavy industrial shears for steel and other metals. We design and produce various industrial shears using top-notch components and cutting-edge technology. We can construct any type of shearing machine to meet your unique needs.

SCTools has stood out in the machining industry throughout its operating history. We have been manufacturing large, sturdy hot mill shears for highly demanding applications in the aluminum, steel, and specialty metals industries. It's crucial to keep in mind that SCTools shears are always a cut above the rest when searching for new hot mill shears.

Cold Rolling Mills

It is common practice to process stainless steel using cold rolling, a work-hardening technique that modifies the structure of metals. In engineering for the medical industry, aerospace, and automobiles, cold-rolled stainless steel is used in many products.

SCTools provides everything from a brand-new single-stand reversing cold mill to a redone multi-stand mill. We are experts in assessing pre-existing mill stands and reconditioning them as needed for use in different applications. As a result of our engineering capabilities, we ensure that projects are completed on time and under one roof.

Items to increase product quality or mill productivity are typical mill upgrades. Upgrades to shape and gauge control systems, the addition of recent roll change systems, and new or improved drive capabilities are a few of these items.

If you need a new mill or want to upgrade an existing mill, SCTools has the solution for your upcoming single stand or tandem mill task.

Hot rolling mills are expected to continually increase output while maintaining and improving the finished product quality, despite the regular challenges of heat, lots of cooling water, and high impact forces. On the other hand, creating new, higher-quality steel frequently necessitates streamlining procedures and equipment at every step.

To enhance your hot mill's efficiency, SCTools offers the broadest selection of industrial tools and services on the market. Each of our products includes long-lasting, wear-resistant components thanks to our engineering and heat-treating expertise.

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