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Super abrasives are precise grinding tools. Super abrasive grinding wheels are created by attaching super abrasive materials to a wheel. Occasionally, the term is also used to refer to tools made with these abrasives. The superior hardness and wear resistance of super abrasives make them superior to "standard abrasives" like corundum and silicon carbide.

Industries have discovered a means to compensate for the scarcity of experienced workers by using super abrasives, whose production was increased by automated CNC machinery. Having fewer workers also means fewer workers are required.

The focus of automation with super abrasive CNC is mainly on designing a manufacturing process through mechanization and machine capabilities. Operator technique is not as much of a worry. Automatic loaders and a clearly defined procedure result in machinery that practically runs itself.

The Advantages of Super Abrasives

  • Utilizing a super abrasive grinding wheel's cutting power necessitates a methodical processing strategy. It takes more than simply attaching a super abrasive grinding wheel to a machine tool to achieve effective process outcomes.
  • The most obvious benefit is that these grinding wheels are tough and long-lasting. This enables them to outperform standard abrasives in terms of performance and longevity.
  • The wheel lasts longer, and this way, you save money on fixtures and tooling. This frees up funds for purchasing additional equipment that may be required.
  • The wear and cuts on your materials are consistent. Because of the wheel's high abrasiveness, it does not generate uneven, worn-away patches as quickly as normal abrasive wheels. As a result, the output of your production will be consistent. Your production efforts will yield consistent and trustworthy results.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Super Abrasive Wheel

Consider these factors while deciding on the best grinding wheel for your manufacturing process. While these factors can help you decide which super abrasive grinding wheel to use, there is one more thing to consider. Ascertain that your machine is capable of supporting the super abrasive wheel.


The finer the grit on your wheel, the smoother and more refined the finish you want. A rougher grit is utilized for heavy lifting while grinding away.


When designing your parts, the material is another crucial aspect to consider. In nonferrous and nonmetal materials, diamonds are commonly used as abrasives. CBN (made from cubic boron nitride) is a popular material for metal parts. Some materials can also cross over and be used with diamonds and CBN.

Metal Bonding

A wheel with a thermal bond is what you need if you need strong form retention and heat conductivity.


Examine the geometry and composition of the parts you manufacture. Take into account the bond's type, grade, and concentration.

The Single Bond

A wheel with a single bond is ideal for a high stock reduction on a complex form.

Resin Bonding

If you want to save money, a resin bond wheel will be the most cost-effective option. These wheels can also provide a high-quality finish.


As with any high friction grinding process, a coolant is required to keep the grinding region free of debris while protecting against heat buildup and chemical reactions.

When choosing an oil-based solution, consider using a CBN abrasive wheel. The vaporization point of water-based lubricants is low. Additionally, there is a chance that the steam you produce will speed up the oxidation of the CBN crystals in your wheel.

Bottom Line

The higher initial cost of super abrasive wheels can be difficult to justify. However, the longevity and quality of their output make them worth the investment. You will find that operating with super abrasives has enhanced productivity. More parts will be processed per wheel, resulting in fewer wheel changes.

Super abrasives are unique tools for precise grinding. The market is driven by replacing ordinary abrasives with super abrasives and using diamonds in grinding wheels for machining and precision tools.

SCTools offers a diverse selection of high-performance Action super abrasive and Advanced super abrasives products for various sectors. More than merely manufacturing and selling products, we take pride in designing successful engineered grinding solutions for customers of all sizes. Contact us to assist you in determining the best super abrasives for your manufacturing requirements.
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